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Begin your working holiday in Australia in the banana industry. Tropical living in Queensland.  Extend your second year VISA while working here.

 NOTE: Beds on Bryant can NOT PROVIDE work.  However, we are happy assist you to find employers to approach on your own during your stay with us.  Please read on…

Work in the Banana Industry:

Many factors regulate the industry, cold, wet, storms, or even a glut of fruit can affect the amount of fruit that is picked.  However being persistent with looking for work will be your best ally.

banana work for backpackers is very popularAssistance with getting work:

Each of our rental properties contains a manual.  In that manual is a list of the larger farmers in the area.  We have provided phone numbers and emails for you to contact them.   Contacting these people will help you find work.  Remember: Employers like eager, hard- working and respectful workers.  Contacting them at least twice a week will demonstrate to them that you are a willing worker.

Remember,  we DO NOT PROVIDE work.  We will help you with information where we can.

Bus pick-up is close by…

Our units are located opposite the free bus pick up points for the larger farmers. Going out prepared to go to work, and asking the driver if they have work is also recommended.


Monday to Thursday 6:30am to 3:30pm – Friday mostly is a half day.  Hours are usually 38 to 40 per week.
Pawpaws also are all year round , but the pawpaw industry is smaller, and offers less work.

Sometimes there is work in the Cane, Melon and Pawpaw industries
There are quiet times, but not often.

Humping Bananas for those at backpacker accommodation

“Humping” or carrying, an entire bunch of bananas

After Cyclone Yasi in February 2011, most crops were down for nearly 18 months, but have now returned to full production.

The work is mainly physical labour, but you are probably young and reasonably fit, so it will pose no problem to you.  You will probably be tired each day, so good bed and living conditions will be important.  You will have that if you stay at Beds on Bryant.
If you are new to the industry, the links below will help you get a better understanding of the industry, and how it operates.

Growing, Picking, Packing:


Banana trees are de-leafed by people staying in backpacker accommodation

Banana trees are de-leafed.

In general, the men are used in the picking or “humping” of bananas, due to the bunch sizes.  The women are usually given work in the sheds, sorting the fruit, and light paddock (field) work which involves de-leafing, removing the old leaves.

BEFORE you can start work, there are things you can do now, to avoid delays in getting work once you arrive here.  You must complete a Banana Industry Safety Induction and obtain a Yellow Card as proof of this. The links below will take you to these sites

Banana bunches are transported to shed to be packed by those in backpacker accommodation

Banana bunches are transported to shed

Extra information to be prepared for work…

You will also need to have…

  1.  Current Working Holiday Maker Visa (WHV)
  2. Australian Tax file number (or applied for tax file number)
  3. Australian Bank Account.  Keep the BSB (Branch number) and Account number safe.  You will need to take these to your first day at work.

Remember Banana work is done rain or shine!

  1. Take FOOD for morning break and lunch. There are no shops once you get to the farms.
    The work will make you hungrier than normal.
  2. WATER, plenty of it – you will drink more than normal. 3-4 litres per day. Take plenty and don’t forget to drink often.
  3. CLOTHING. Old clothes, (banana sap does not generally wash out) rubber or enclosed SHOES. HAT, SUNSCREEN, INSECT REPELLENT, Rubber GLOVES, and raincoat if you wish. Although raincoats are often a hindrance, and will make you hotter.
Banana bunches are hung from moveable hooks. Often managed by people staying in backpacker accommodation

Banana bunches hung from moveable hooks.

Banana hands being washed. Often performed by those in backpacker accommodation

Banana hands being washed and made ready.

Banana hands packed and ready to send to market. People living in backpacker accommodation often work at this.

Banana hands packed and ready to send to market.


Labour Information Services can be found at the links below
Paid tax while you were here?
Http:// provides you with a service allowing you to claim International income tax refunds, tax return services and foreign VAT reclaim.



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